You Won’t Believe What She Found Inside!

confused woman standing in doorway

“It feels like your chandelier is choking me,” the guest who went down to the reception desk startled me.

I looked up. A lady in a white velour bathrobe and branded burgundy hotel slippers was standing in front of me with a glass of champagne in her hand.

How Hotels Keep Their Glass Showers Clean?

How Hotels Keep Their Glass Showers Clean?

Have you ever tried to clean your glass shower doors and just want to scream in frustration? I know I have! What demon do you need to sell your soul to in order to keep this bathroom clean? How in the world do hotels keep glass showers clean consistently? Learn all the secrets right now!

What is a Wet Bar in a Hotel?

What is a Wet Bar in a Hotel

When I first heard the term “wet bar” I imagined either a bar in a pool, or a bar with non-stop wet t-shirt contests – not too bad either way! After a little research, reality did not disappoint me either.

A wet bar is a place, sometimes called a “honu ʻ i” or “red room,” within a guest room for preparing and serving alcoholic drinks. In Hawaii, the term “wet bar” refers to any countertop with an alcohol-based sink. It is also equipped with a refrigerator, ice maker, and storage for glasses and bottles.