You Won’t Believe What She Found Inside!

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“It feels like your chandelier is choking me,” the guest who went down to the reception desk startled me.

I looked up. A lady in a white velour bathrobe and branded burgundy hotel slippers was standing in front of me with a glass of champagne in her hand.

“Your hotel is amazing. My husband and I are delighted. The food, the staff – everything is at the highest level, ”the lady continued. “But! This terrible chandelier! ”The guest’s face changed. Taking a sip of champagne, she continued: “She looks like Medusa. The chandelier looms over half the room, all in scary pink tentacles. And it feels like it’s literally choking me and my husband, right in our bed, ”the lady suddenly smiled. Then she added: “And one day it will.”

The supervisor and I looked at each other in bewilderment.

The guest, ignoring our reaction, turned around and left.

The whole story went like this:

Recently, a young man – a regular at my hotel – once again came to visit with his wife. The couple settled in the junior suite 201.

For your information, the suites of the hotel are decorated with massive Venetian chandeliers. They were made exclusively for us by a family of glassblowers from Murano.

“Each suite in the hotel is individually designed. Chandeliers perfectly complement the interior,” I explained to the guest. “Many guests love them. But it is very important for us that you feel comfortable. I am happy to provide you with another junior suite!”

“No, it is not like that! We really like this suite, ”the lady whined. “We will not move anywhere! And the chandelier is not a hindrance,” she concluded coyly.

“I will never enter suite 201 again!” one of the maids rushed into the staff room and flopped into a chair, panting. “Everything is fine with the room. But a huge, scary-looking belt is tied to the chandelier.”

The supervisor’s face changed.

“There is a possible suicide in the room,” the manager jumped up and began to call the head of the hotel security. “A guest complained about the chandelier in the room during the day. Now I understand what she meant! This is the last thing we need! ”, the manager reported to security with concern in her voice.

“Surely the guest is out of her mind,” colleagues suggested. “The lady walks around the hotel all day long in a bathrobe, slippers, with a glass of champagne in her hand. And she tells how the chandelier is strangling her, ”added the concierge. “While her husband, on the contrary, is neatly dressed and in great shape. And very friendly to the staff.”

“Poor man! He got seriously unlucky with his wife. He probably doesn’t even suspect how bad things really are! Imagine – he enters the room, and there she hangs,” the maid blurted out suddenly. Frightened by her own words, she jumped up in horror and began to run around the room in nervous excitement. “I won’t dare go to their room alone for evening cleaning!”

It was decided to send the head of security to the evening service along with the maid.

Exactly at 5.30 pm, the employees went up to the second floor, proceeded along the corridor, and approached the door of suite 201.

As prescribed by hotel standards, they knocked on the door three times, opened it with a master key, and entered the room. The maid looked around and was astonished by what she witnessed.

“We go in and see carnage! ”, – she told later in the staff room, as colleagues crowded around. “There were no bodies – only condoms scattered everywhere. Also, that scary creepy belt hanging from the ceiling. And the chandelier itself looked like a Christmas tree, decorated with multi-colored bikinis!”. The staff roared with laughter.

“We saw personal items, whips, harnesses scattered around the room. And a lot of duct tape. Like porn in real life!” the maid summed up, adding at the end: “So, it’s not them who are the unlucky ones.”

Crazy hotel story
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